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The Evolution of Continuous Feed Printers - Pinfeed to Pinless

(Irving, TX – January 22, 2013)
For over 30 years the print industry continuous feed printers were pinfed;  paper had pin feed holes, each job had to be trimmed after it was done to remove the holes, and every roll of paper had to be precisely cut with the proper pin feed hole alignment to successfully run through a printers tractors.
Print shops are still utilizing pinfed technologies of the past but a solution that emerged in the late 90’s is revolutionizing the continuous forms printing industry – pinless.

Pinless technologies utilize pressure to hold paper taut.  This has introduced an entirely new class of printer that pushes the limits of physics by moving paper at 600+ feet per minute.  It allows you to utilize printing on the full width of the paper as well as printing on paper weights above and below the standard weight from many different manufacturers.

The introduction and adoption of pinless technologies have allowed for less paper waste, broader versatility and improved speeds.  Additionally, manufacturers currently only make pinless models, making the maintenance and care of pinfed printers increasingly difficult. 
Technological innovation is indeed important to economic growth and the enhancement of human possibilities.
- Leon Kass

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