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Simprint Special for the Kodak NexPress 2500 Digital Production Color Press

Simprint continues its commitment to finding solutions that add value, save time, and lowers the cost of production. This solution offers value to those customers running Kodak NexPress 2500  Digital Production Printers.   The solution includes an RSI Unwinder, Docusheeter Cutter, and Transport. These modules can help you drive more jobs per shift and more profit per page. No need to load high-capacity input trays when you can feed and cut paper directly to the printer non-stop. 


RSI Unwinder Part # 80017203                          RSI DocuSheeter Cutter Part # 505823



     RSI Docusheeter Transport 505821      R                     

The link shows the Unwinder, Cutter, and Transport as it feeds a Xerox Printer


This three-module solution will only work with a Kodak NexPress 2500 Digital Production Printer

If you are interested in this solution contact / Larry FitzPatrick 972-793-0711 or /Tom Lickert 972-693-2121



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