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Simprint Solutions - Corotron/Corona Wires, Filter Packs & Custom Kitting.

Founded in 2003, Simprint’s growth and reputation flourished because of a commitment to finding Simple, Smart Solutions for our customers.

A corporate identity developed around our core strengths and brought to life the five Rs our working business model.

Over the last 17 years Simprint has been in business, the commercial print industry has made seismic shifts and changes, and will continue to do so. The one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to bring great products at great prices to you, our customer

Zoya Bochurko has been consturcting small assemblies for over 15 years. Putting together corotron/corona wires, filter packs and custom kitting. She is integral to keeping our parts relevant and in stock. Zoya is also available for custom assembly work. Contact Simprint today to order or request a quote!

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