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Simprint customer adds Screen Truepress Jet520 to their arsenal

(Irving, TX – April 10, 2013)
G&C Direct Mail Marketing has been a customer of Simprint since 2011, and recently upped their game by adding Screen Truepress Jet520 to their arsenal.
G&C was founded in 1999 by Fernando Guzman, along with his brother, Gene, and a colleague, Mark Cowell.  The three men acquired a few machines required to launch a direct mail agency. The company, housed in a 30,000-square-foot facility, has since boosted its employment and client rosters, added high-tech mailing equipment and invested in a fulfillment center.

By adding the Screen Truepress Jet520 Guzman said, “Now we can print 5 million pieces filled with color text and graphics targeted to the recipients and switch to a different 1,000-piece project on demand. Our turnaround on jobs is faster and cheaper than employing digital offset printers or conventional methods.”
“The product that Screen has developed will transform the printing industry,” Guzman said. “This is the first Truepress Jet520 in Texas to be located inside a direct mail shop. It is a game changer. Within the next year, this machine will grow our company to the level of a $15 million company. It is also creating a lot of attention with other printers who can’t compete with us on pricing.”

With that growth Simprint will be called upon to help provide supplies and support in an even greater capacity.  Over the last 3 years Simprint has been able to provide Oce parts, consumables, toner/developer and technical support, and because of location, have been able to assist G&C with 2nd & 3rd level technical support which has assisted in their self-maintenance program.  Additionally, Simprint has provided flexible equipment “rental programs” for their ESP300 Rewinders which continues to help reduce cost and make them more competitive in their market.

Simprint looks forward to expanding our product offerings to assist G&C in their new and upcoming endeavors.

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