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How is Paper Made?

Ever wondered how paper is acturally made?   I did so I dug up this Video on U-Tube  from 2015.   I learned there are three distinct processes 1. Pulping  2.Papermaking  3 Finishing.  

Improving print quality means understanding paper/ink and how they react with one another.   With all the magnificent news about the CAGR of InkJet printing they're remains concerns about paper shortages, availability, and cost for Inkjet printers.   Even though the vast majority of all print is done by offset presses, inkjet presses are now capturing more and more of the offset business.  The opportunities abound, for those printers that have made the transition to Inkjet.    Paper Mills are now paying more attention to inkjet paper demands and are producing a wider variety of choices, however I suspect its not happening fast enough for InkJet printers.    Ink is like gold and you can outflank competition if you control and manage how you use ink on various varieties of paper and present it correctly as a substitute.   

The advantage the big boys in offset have, is they've been at it for decades and work closely with paper mills to find new solutions.   The inkjet OEM's and independent counsultants have made great strides in offering a variety of papers/ink profiles but my guess is they're pushing for more attention from the  Paper Mills.   The question is are they getting it? 

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